You can now book your Toyota Service appointment online using our integrated booking facility. Simply enter the details of your vehicle and select your Service options. Then choose a date which suits you best and we’ll confirm your appointment by email.

Small Service – every 10.000 km includes: New Diesel or petrol filter, oil change and new oil filter, air filter inspection, wheel bearing inspection, complete oil inspection (differential, gearbox and transfer case), complete bumper-to-bumper vehicle inspection
Big Service (Major) – every 40.000 km includes: Complete oil change (including differential and gearbox), removal, cleaning and repacking of wheel, bearings (if not sealed units), exchange all filters, exchange spark plugs (for petrol vehicles), bumper-to-bumper inspection of vehicle, from 160.000 km new antifreeze to keep the radiator system clean and free of corrosion
Oil Service – as needed includes: Oil change and new filter, grease all, lubrication points
Precautionary maintenance includes: Breaks, radiator system, wheel alignment and balancing, differential, fan belts, including pulleys

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